Distant Society

Pap Magazine, 2022

Description: TOGETHER / APART

This is who we are today, with other people and ourselves. This is what it means to be together, and yet somehow apart.

Life is rife with pleasing contradictions. We strive for individuality, and yet want nothing more than to belong to someone, somewhere. Our models embody stoic demeanours amidst a sterile, urban environment, styled in an aesthetic that reflect the world they’ve chosen to inhabit.

Visual Director Daniel Teo
Photographer Hayden Chan
Stylist Isabella Chan
Hair & Makeup Kim Choi
Copywriter & Production Assistant Joshua Simon
Model Jeong Ka Young & Park Jun Woo from Morph Management, Lee Hyi Seong from Aconic
On-set Communication by Lee Jun Ho

Fashion - LIE Collection, Lemels, Le17Septembre, Stealer, Hatching Room and Must-Go-On